WOMO just got better!

In the last months, we focused on improving your experience on our platform. We added new features to help you be better equipped in promoting our partner Advertisers (Brands) and earn more commissions!

Here’s a rundown of the changes:

1. Easier to manage.

Join and promote multiple Advertiser (Brands) campaigns using a single publisher account. You only need to maintain one username and password!

2. More ways to promote.

Various types of publisher tracking links, banners, QR codes, and deeplinking, so you can track the traffic you’re bringing in to the brand regardless of the marketing platform you’re using.

3. Monitor and improve your performance.

View real-time performance and commission reports. You’ll see the number of new customers you bring in daily and your running commissions! Get to track which channel generates more traffic and conversion with our multi-channel tracking feature.

4. Powerful dashboard.

Be equipped with robust and up-to-date analytics. Explore your dashboard to understand how your promotion and efforts are performing.

We are just starting. We’ll announce the other features soon! With these changes, you will need to create a new WOMO account with us, your pending commissions from your old account to your new account will be migrated after you’ve created the new account.

And, we are onboarding more Advertisers on our platform! Not yet a WOMO Publisher? Join us today! Go to womo.ph/signup.

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About the author

Roland Cinco

Roland Cinco

Co-founder of WOMO. You have questions? Email me at roland@womo.ph.

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