Side hustling; no longer a fringe idea

Creating multiple income streams has far been the norm for many of us. It allows us to deliver the lifestyle and income we want.


At a time, especially now, when we are all faced with financial challenges, even employment and long-time running businesses aren’t enough to provide us with the kind of stability we need despite the benefits and paycheque. Many of us have encountered pay cuts, lessened work hours, and layoffs, though these aren’t inevitable amidst the pandemic – it never truly stopped our urge to seek other income-generating opportunities.


I’ve always believed that a side hustler stands as tall as anyone who holds any position in the private or public workforce. And alongside our daily grind, working 8 to 9 hours a day, it’s amusing how we’re able to turn both passion and perseverance into profit.

One of the joys side hustles bring is enabling us to channel creativity. Imagine how our minds aren’t limited to what we could think of! How we can enjoy something so personal and make money off of it. To many, side hustling is the safest water to tread in terms of earning with somehow minimal risks. We can easily choose whatever we want to invest in and grow our base from there.

But besides betting on the choice of seeds we plant, another cool way of adding to our income is through Affiliate Marketing. If you haven’t read about it, it’s as simple as promoting or sharing various merchants’ products and receiving percentage commissions for every product sold. You can practically invest on your own creativity for free by creating blogs, vlogs, or simply by word of mouth and make quick money out of it; you literally have nothing to lose. More about this in the coming articles!

As entrepreneurs, the amount we make weekly or monthly fluctuates constantly. But having different sources of income makes everything else materialize faster and lets us invest sooner. Plus, the only skill it requires is motivation. All you have to do honestly is find a reason for side hustling – once you’ve seen at least one, you can start making things happen.

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Tri Trinidad

Tri Trinidad


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