Five Reasons Why You Should Join the Flowerstore.ph Affiliate Program

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Valentines, special occasions, and events are the top reasons that come to mind when talking about flowers. Flowers are probably the most universal gift anyone can give. Plus, it serves many thoughtful purposes too, from family gatherings, graduation, sending to your special someone, you name it!

However even with its universality, people still often think about where to buy flowers in Manila or if there is any flower delivery in Manila? The answer is yes. Flowerstore.ph revolutionized the industry landscape by pioneering online flower selling in the Philippines, and topping the sales charts!

Here are a couple reasons why it’s absolutely the best time to be a Flowerstore.ph affiliate.

1. This flower store is pandemic proof.

Even with the fluctuating lockdown rules, they are here to stay! Since their business is completely online, you’ll experience no down time. It’s as easy as choosing a delivery date then getting your orders through specified timeslots. Of course, hats off to their ever most reliable delivery team making sure that your loved ones get their surprises on time.

2. It’s easy to sell.

They have a wide array of ready to ship products may it be quirky ones such as chocolate bouquets or the more romantic options! There’s definitely the perfect flower for every occasion. And to make it more personal, tell your friends to add a special note whenever they are ordering flowers online.

3. A viable secondary income.

As a WOMO.ph affiliate, you get to earn just by promoting this online flower delivery store. Commission rate starts at 8% of total sales your friends or close networks purchases.

Onboard as an affiliate in just a few easy steps.

4. Affordable service without the hassle.

Its price point is definitely a talk of the town. Their competitive pricing is surely a market disruptor with premium bouquets averaging just 1000 pesos. This makes flower delivery in Manila more accessible to a bigger market without sacrificing its quality.

5. Connection beyond words.

These flowers are often sent to symbolize an emotion. With this concept in mind, Flowerstore.ph champions customer relationship by having a deeper connection among their clientele. Of course, Flowerstore.ph would not be thriving if not for their loyal fan base! They make sure that they deliver to the best of their abilities and keep their customers happy with each delivery.

There are plenty more reasons on why you should get on the Flowerstore.ph craze. It does not only grant you the chance to earn extra on the side but is the perfect way to say a little thank you to your loved ones during this uncertain time.

Whether you are signing up to be an affiliate through womo.ph or dropping by to know where you can buy flowers online in Manila, we hope that you find the perfect bouquet for what you are celebrating for or you can always ask us to customize one for you. 😉

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