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Love is in the air! ❤️ We got you the perfect brand to promote this Valentine’s season! Flowerstore, the leading and largest online flower delivery service in the country, is now part of WOMO’s affiliate network!

Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you promote and start earning huge commissions!

We’re proud to promote Flowerstore, and you will be, too!

  • They have a 9.3/10 average customer rating (talk about satisfied customers!)
  • Multiple payment options, such as COD, Cash pick-up, and online payments, are available to customers.
  • They offer free same-day delivery nationwide (a lifesaver for those who always forget anniversaries).
  • Affordable and Instagrammable products customers crave!

Promote their vast array of gifting products. Perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s, Graduation events, and Mother’s Day. Earn big commission for every referred sale. Their fresh flowers are Instagrammable and promoting is easy! You can earn up to hundreds of thousands in commissions in promoting the brand.

Here are pro tips to help you reach that big commission:

  • Publish gifting ideas for Valentine’s Day
  • Create tips on where to order flowers online
  • Review Flowerstore products
  • Promote Flowerstore using exclusive promotions (we provide discount codes to our affiliates)

Ready to promote? Here’s how:


  1. Login to your WOMO affiliate account and generate your affiliate link or QR code.
  2. Create your content and add your Flowerstore affiliate link. (this is optional, but you can shorten the link using tools like Bit.ly)
  3. If you’re going to use the QR code, you can post it on your stream, blog, or as part of your social media post.

View sample Flowerstore creative materials (which you can also use). More to follow.

Important reminder: Test your affiliate links to ensure your referred sales are attributed to your affiliate account!

Our exclusive promotions you can offer to your audience/network:

Promo Period Promo Details
January 4 - 31 - Coupon Code: FRESHSTART10
- 10% OFF on all products (excluding products on promotions).
- No discount cap.
- No minimum spend required.
- Maximum of one usage per customer.
February 1 - 28 - Coupon Code: BEMINE15
- 15% OFF up to P200 on all products (excluding products on promotions).
- No minimum spend required.
- Maximum of one usage per customer.
March 1 - 31 - Coupon Code: BEPROUD20
- 20% OFF up to P250 on all products.
- No minimum spend required.
- Maximum of one usage per customer.

Promoting as an affiliate for the first time? I recommend checking our helpful articles to know how WOMO works and how to use the platform.


Best of luck earning commissions! 💸 💸 💸


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Gladys Guerrero

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