WOMO Advertisers (brand owners) who use Shopify will benefit from a quick and easy integration by creating a Private App in your Shopify store account. Send your API information, or learn how to obtain it below.

Learn how to obtain the needed API information

1. Log in to your Shopify admin panel and navigate to Apps > Develop apps for your store (a link at the bottom)

2. Allow custom app development and create a new custom app

3. Name the app WOMO and enter help@womo.ph as contact. (However, if that’s not possible, please select your App developer account to be notified in case of app-related problems and we will coordinate with them.) After that you need to click Configure Admin API scopes.

4. And enable the following permissions with read/write access:

  • Orders – Select Read Access
  • Customers – Select Read Access
  • Product listings – Select Read Access
  • Script tags > Change to Read & Write Access
  • Please do not change anything else and save the app.
5. Please install the app. Once the app is installed, you need to Reveal token once, then copy the access token, API key, and your store’s URL address and send it over to our implementation team.

When you’re ready, you can send the API information by clicking the button above.

6. After we integrate the API information you sent, we will need to perform test purchases to see whether the tracking is behaving as intended. If it passes our tests, the integration will be considered a success! 


If it continues to fail or don’t behave as intended, we may have to try a different integration process.


Do not change anything else not mentioned in the instructions above. For example, the API version as in normal cases it should be the latest version.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email us at help@womo.ph.

Shopify store integration form

Please make sure the Shopify store API information you are sending is correct and owned by you. Incorrect information may result to the integration not working correctly. 

Advertiser signup form

Please complete the form below and a WOMO business representative will get in touch with you. Thanks!

Integration Assistance Needed

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